Founded by Erdem Arıoğlu, Murat Şener, Taner Aksel and Deniz Kızıltaş in 1990, ITU Civil Engineering Society is a society that desires to make students feel prestigious, to inspire students to think like engineers and adopt to engineering, while also strengthening the social impulse within ITU. Whilst attending club activities, students will gain access with not only the academic and administrative crew, but also with firms working in private sectors, thus allowing members to gain a professional network. Our former members who wanted to learn how to be active, successful and that they can professionally prove themselves, have made a colossal difference in their careers, making the club proud. As ITU Civil Engineering Society, we will be honoured to see you within us, “The Future`s Engineer”.


Preparing the construction engineers to the sector, developing them personally and organizing technical, social and cultural activities in order to train qualified engineers,abiding by principles and values



Becoming a club that abides byits traditions and is innovative at the same time by organizing events which provides technical, social and cultural values to its members

Civil Engineering Society, which has 300 to 400 members each year, organizes both national and international events in accordance with its vision and mission.