The Civil Engineering Convention (CivilCon) is the new version of the ‘Civil Engineering Seminars’ organized by the MHK in 2006 first, revised in 2013. Along with the new name, the content of the event has been renewed to allow participants to meet and socialize with their future colleagues in social/technical events and competitions. As Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering Society, the purpose of our traditionalised event is to introduce the future civil engineers to the fields of work they will be working on, to make them have an idea in their own fields, to create a platform where companies can meet not only ITU students but also students coming from different universities and communicate with each other on established stands. It is aimed to raise awareness of the professional work life of the students by eliminating the lack of experiences related to business life, which are not given education in universities and are felt lacking when the students go out to the field, with seminars given by speakers from distinguished institutions of Turkey and with HR department workshops. ITU Civil Engineering’s 46th place in the world rankings with science quality is triggering us to make the organizations that MHK representing civil engineering students become more international and more impressive. Therefore, as in Civil-Con16, it is aimed to accommodate guest students from abroad in Civil-Con’17. It is aimed to provide 5-day accommodation, transportation and meals in the city for 50 foreign and 40 native guests from different universities of Turkey and the World. In addition, a quota of 300 students will be allocated for ITU and universities in Istanbul. Our seminars will be held at ITU Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center in order to accommodate such a large student group. To sum up, Civil-Con’17 is an international student organization that offers chances to learn while having fun, to socialize while learning and to catch opportunities while socializing.